dear montreal, aarhus and turku…please find us: diagrammed

on the morning of the second day of the sydney workshop we watched the montreal diagram…entranced. We looked at the danish lunch plate, we laughed with the giraffes, we thought about network echoes and politics and we listened to the sound echo of a dinner conversation eaten during the day before. Someone said: ‘the lines of force in the montreal diagram are like the games of “elastics” kids play’. Someone else said: ‘we should dance an elastics diagram while listending to the sound echo file from aarhus’.

in the afternoon we talked about networked diagrammatics and textures. We organised into groups according to which diagram – there were many images on the walls in the room we had spent two days together – we liked. We transduced these images into movementscapes. We imaged snatches of these and laid them out against the sound echo file. Here is our collective diagrammatic response, an assemblage of a number of different groups all diagramming with elastics

….this is what a network can do, this is how a diagram, collectively enunciated across four cities, 3 or 4 days, and a multiplicity, can capture an echo, can be affected, can become an echo affect….

a collective diagram to come

aarhus, finland and montreal we in sydney are in the process of collectively and now dispersedly responding to your diagrams and/or diagrammatic exchanges….we will be posting an assemblage soonish ( next couple of days) from the last hours of our collective thinking yesterday

…the echo never ceases/only intensifies!

but in the meantime…thanks so much for the distributions…safe to say, we’ve all had a ball!

Primes, Cues

A response to Prime que align repeat.

We went across the road to the Stor Centre Nord (the big north shopping centre), which is conveniently across the road from the university. Jonas and Lone ended up captured by the number 5 as a cue, and afterwards we discussed ways of responding to eg commercial cues in a shopping centre without necessarily being captured by them at a micro level (that is, in continuation to purchase etc). This was followed by some interesting conversation about attention.

Meanwhile Jette and I tried to work out system of cues and primes .. relational cues that kept us in some kind of relation along with a second set of cues and primes that were to do with the environment. Flocking was also an inspiration (and by the way this is kind of interesting in these terms). This led to a strange kind of dance outside the Stor Centre Nord, between the nearest trees and stones, hopping with yellow, skipping backwards with red, etc. Very much an experiment.

I’m still hopeful for a relational cue’d dérive as as kind of dance that everyone could do, although here of course you’d have to watch out for bicycles as well as cars, and the Situationists have been doing this kind of thing for ages (as have others such as Kate).

And actually, a few weeks ago Anna Munster pointed me towards this great organization Spurse, who do some interesting work on diagramming (Time Drills). There’s so much of this around when you look for it.

Jette and I tried to diagram what happened. Here’s a blurry picture.