Andrew Murphie

I’m Andrew and I’m organizing things in Denmark (and also anything to do with this site .. so contact me if you need to … <>)

I work in Sydney but a the moment I’m very happily ensconced in Aarhus, Denmark. I’m at the quite wonderful, always interesting and very friendly Digital Urban Living Centre, among the Media and Information Studies people, in the Department of Aesthetics and Communication. The Nordisk Institute has also been very nice to me. In fact, I think Aarhus University, and Aarhus in general, seem like pretty good places.

He’s a quick diagram of my appearance (though this is not the response to the “diagram a life” task, it could be from the right angle I guess .. more on that task later … here’s a “a life” diagram I really like by someone else).

My very rough site (with writings, blog, etc) is here.

Probably the best description of my professional interests is here.

I’m not on Facebook (any more). I am on Twitter … @andrewmurphie

I’m a septuple Virgo and in Chinese astrology a dog, which means I’m the most Virgoan person you’ll ever meet, except that I probably don’t believe in astrology.

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