Toni Pape

I’m Toni Pape. What else?
I dunno. What’s the fuzz about being anyway? Let’s see if I can find a few vectors of becoming.
I’m constantly becoming a member of the Senselab in Montreal. I guess this helps you localize me; but, for me, the Senselab is about delocalizing myself, continuously asking what could become instead of determining what is. Anyway… So I’m getting pretty good at sewing buttons these days. And on this “couture” note: I am also becoming someone who has more and more friends for whom D&G immediately means Deleuze&Guattari instead of Dolce&Gabbana. There is something that amazes me about this banal coincidence and I think it has to do with the challenge of bringing together these two circles of friends. How do you do that? Otherwise I am becoming a gymnast, but I feel that line of flight is fizzling out. I’m becoming an amateur musical actor, hopefully performing “Hair” for you next year. (What do categories such as “amateur” vs. “professional” mean in the context of practices?) Academically speaking, I’m officially in Comparative Literature, which, by the count of many, isn’t really a thing either. And I hope I’m becoming a Ph.D. Yes, that’s a thing I’d actually like to be one day. But, again, people tell me it doesn’t change much…
In a most general sense, my research is about time in television series – just to throw that one in.
Yesterday, I started reading that Proust book for the nth time. I’ll let you know how far into it I will have gotten this time. You can ask me; that’ll force me to keep reading…
The picture below is less a diagram than proof of my pitiful skills in Photoshop (and using photo booths). I’ll diagram “a life” separately…

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