A Life

My initial thoughts are two-fold on this diagramming of a life –

I was struggling to come up with a way to depict a virtual unity – life as a groove – propelled by the virtual gravitas of the coming beat as a kind of attractor but always most interestingly actualised before or after that beat – modulated by context, circumstance, or serendipity….the complex play between anticipation and suspense as energising an intense and tenuous continuity. Circles depict event-intensities which are also becoming/rippling-orbit-paths folding/modulating past with present/perception so that polyrhythmic foldings might emerge in perpetuity..

on the other hand I kept thinking about spiralling molecular incorporations and expulsions…once again orbits and gravitas – although here embodying and describing centrifugal energies as the basis for integration/disintegration..I was thinking of the game Osmosis….

thought through some scribbling in haste maybe some more later – maybe some sound:

This is perhaps a far more eloquent diagramming of a life:

although.. this perhaps gets more to the core as a diagram of a life as the unfolding of diagrammatic absurdities;

More later..

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