Adam Nash

Looking forward to working with everyone. I call myself a virtual artist. Diagrams I’m not sure of. In a way, I have worked with them my whole life in relation to musical scores, associated physical diagrams, generative algorithms and so forth. But I am unsure of my footing/heading in this workshop, though I am particularly interested in the generic potential of (both retro- and pro-spective) diagrammatic techniques in relation to the modulation between digital data and material affect. I teach Virtual Environments and Interactive Media Design in the Bachelor of Design (Games) at RMIT University, and my recently awarded PhD was entitled The Multi-User Virtual Environment as a Post-Convergent Medium. It was a very practice-based research project. I look forward to working with all the interesting people at this workshop.

My “diagram of a life”, for a life is not one’s own:

2 thoughts on “Adam Nash

  1. made me think about the tensions involved here around diagrams (we could I guess call them tensors) .. for a post perhaps. 🙂 For some reason this diagram really resonates quite beautifully on the screen.

  2. Thanks for the comment Andrew. Resonance and tension indeed, it’s a diagram of an octave plus one Pythagorean whole-tone (2:1 + 9:8), as taught to me when young. In this version, I’ve only explicated the fifths and fourths (and some whole-tones for reference), so the other intervals are implied as interpretive. This implication/explication symbiosis has been literally played out over a couple thousand years. Resonances of power/knowledge. As I mentioned, I am interested in the modulation between digital data and material affect. Modulation requires parameter frameworks, which (arguably) need diagrams, and this diagram is of a reliably plastic framework. Specifically I’m using this version of the diagram in a series of works I’m creating at the moment, thus “a life.”

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