kaya barry

Hi everyone, I’m Kaya, currently based at the Gold Coast, Australia, although I’m about to relocate to Melbourne to begin a PhD in January, then to Reykjavik for a little while mid-year, so ‘location’ and ‘locating’ is about to become a bigger focus in my practice!

My practice & research currently focuses on a multitude of fascinations: travel/transience/relocation, packing/practicing/tessellation/acquisition-discardment/material processes, bitumen/high-vis paint/gravel/earth/dust/concrete, the list goes on. In-between all these interests are the lines, angles, graphs, dots, maps, diagrams… although I find myself constantly depicting spatial-relationships on paper or in flash/stills-collages, I’ll have to be honest – to actually stop and think and question these processes and how these ‘diagrams’ emerge is presenting a good challenge!

My attempt on ‘a life’ is the following:

It’s been really windy here lately with lots of gusts and breezes and I’ve been looking a lot at weather forecasts and how low pressure systems form…to give you some indication of how I began to approach this task.

but at the moment I am buried under end of semester marking so the diagram(s) below is more oriented on ‘my life’ as I’m experiencing:

Looking forward to meeting/interacting with you all next week!

3 thoughts on “kaya barry

  1. I can identify with the idea of buried under million essays to mark .I think your ‘a life ‘ diagram is great because of the similarity to leaves that almost blow in the wind and at the same time it is made out of layers that keep them in place

  2. Hey Kaya have you noticed the relations between your diagrammatics weather’s life and Adam Nash’ impersonal ‘life’ and to an extent Pia’s? I am going to try and post something about this later…very interesting

    • Hi Anna, Would love to hear your thoughts on this, Yes looking at Adam and Pia’s diagrams there is a strong aesthetic presence, the ebbing and flowing that the ‘static’ image of Adam’s holds, yet it flows into Pia’s video of signatures and how she mentions the “invisible forces” at work.
      I hadn’t meant for my own diagram to be so thematic, I started off just drawing lines on the page, but I kept coming back to the wind I could hear outside and the windows in my flat that were rattling at the time.. so inevitably the weather transformed the diagram.
      And now looking at it all again I’m thinking about isobars and my frustration at watching the weather reports – questioning how they knew where one isobar level of pressure ends and where the next one begins as they trace it down onto a map of the whole country…

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