Lone Bertelsen

Hello everyone, I’m Lone – so pleased to be a part of this…Most of the time I live in Sydney but I’m currently in Aarhus enjoying being with the people here and thinking about diagrams, the virtual, micro-politics and the ethico-aesthetics.
I’ve been interested in how a more affective or relational logic can be rendered visible/perceivable or felt and have recently explored the notion of the diagram a little.
I’m also finishing a writing project on forward-looking photo-work (working title: Refraining from the still: photo-work for a people to come).

When it’s not raining too heavily, I enjoy walking in the forest.

A Life (with the virtual)?

Jonathan Coe has a character in a novel, a young girl sitting by a lake – a rain shower approaching – say that her favourite kind of rain is “the rain before it falls”. One of her guardians explains that before the rain falls it is just “moisture, moisture in the clouds” and not “really rain”. The girl replies: “That’s why it’s my favourite…”

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