Pia Ednie-Brown

Coming out of an architectural training, I practice an expanded form of architecture … and am always asking what this might mean as I move through working with many different media and via various modes of enquiry. With this transdisciplinary emphasis, diagramming is important as a way to capture the ineffable through-lines. My PhD was very concerned with diagramming, as used in architectural practices and how contemporary conditions have shifted the value and meaning of diagrams. I tried to develop a concept of the ‘affective diagram’, as a way to think about how to hold together complex compositions, and understand how those compositions might resonate with things and events beyond themselves. I am still working on this…

More formally/institutionally, I am an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT University, in both the architecture program and the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory.

The diagram I am posting comes from a past work, made while in the messy middle of the PhD process, and as part of the project work which constituted a major part of that research process. This particular piece didn’t, however, make it into the PhD in the end. (although it makes a distorted appearance in another video I did for the Arakawa and Gins conference).

One thought on “Pia Ednie-Brown

  1. wow…so you actualised like the integrational forces of the diagram AND you stil left it connected to an outside!!! OMG!!!!!!

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