We very much encourage you to use the site to be in touch with other as we explore “Into the Diagram” related events.

Of course, we hope much will be happening offline—with your colleagues/friends wherever you are.

These are also  possible apps/sites we can use—both for direct engagement and for documenting explorations offline.

Online/offline and in-between, we hope you will get “into the diagram”.

Of course, we hope you’ll use this site a bit … to post ideas etc, or you can write short posts here linking to something interesting you’ve done or found elsewhere, and of course we can discuss things via this blog. The site also has a number of links, etc in the right hand menu. One of these is for Diigo. If you use Diigo you can tag something (just about anything on the web) <gram2011> (without the pointy brackets), and it should appear on this site as well.

The main other “app” is the tag. Everything you do should be tagged <gram2011> (without the pointy brackets), according to wherever you’re doing things.

On Twitter this would be #gram2011.There is also a Twitter ID, <gramitude> that you can follow and engage with. And I’ve created a Twitter list, <gram2011>, on which I’ll put people if they are on Twitter. You also search for “diagram” on Twitter.

Then there are apps such as Broadcastr (audio) and sites such as Soundcloud for story telling if you want to create audio diagrams or document diagrammatic explorations (dérives etc). You can of course use YouTube or Vimeo (it’s easy to embed either of these in posts). Or you could use this new Australian site/app 15 second place, for 15 second video grabs.

Some people have been contemplating using the augmented reality app Aurasma. There is also a Zotero group for those of with affection for the bibliographic.

I’m of course happy to add more information on other apps/sites, if people would like me to. Just email me.

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