Lunch plate diagram

The proper way to eat a Danish lunch plate

Responding to the diagrammatic proposition from Sydney, suggesting that we make a spacetime echo of dinner to breakfast, we decided to have lunch as if it was dinner. We turned on Australian tv (after having watched some Bunuel on youtube (link later)) and watched Australian late night news whilst eating. Effects: we spent a long time discussing cultural eating habits, particularly how it’s Danish custom to eat a lunch plate in a particular order.

Listen to the sound file echoing our conversation while you study the lunch plate diagram to the right. Sound echo of the lunch-dinner conversation

diagramming a used keyboard?

My PhD in a keyboard

My contribution to the diagramming probably isn’t one. But I still like the picture of my old macbook keyboard – the computer on which I wrote my PhD thesis. The thesis was literally inscribed into the keyboard whose keys disintegrated as the thesis was written. This picture is unfocused and pixelated but hopefully you still get an idea of what I mean.

I tried to get a good picture of the screen on my iPad, which is not disintegrating (as of yet) but where it is very much possible to see how I use it. I couldn’t get a good picture, but here’s a link to someone who did a nice job.

Lone K Hansen

Hi, I’m Lone (not Andrew’s wife Lone, though 🙂 and I’m based in Aarhus, Denmark where Andrew is currently a visiting prof. The brief version is that I research and teach digital aesthetics and culture and that my PhD, completed three years ago, was on mobile interface culture. In my teaching I like to make students make all kinds of diagrams — although until recently I would not have called them that. One example is to make a subjective map, another is to update the Situationist derive to include a mobile phone and document it. Personally, I like everything with yarn; the tactility of the texture/structure/fabric is fascinating. On a boring note, this is my official uni online presence and this is my horribly un-updated personal website.