What to Do/Instructions/Tasks


[I’ve posted a very loose series of suggestions for what can be done—it’s kind of speculative and very open to revision, suggestion, etc]

Here’s what to do on this Site

First you have to get access.

* You should have received an email inviting you to WordPress.com. I’m afraid you have to join (WordPress.com as a whole, not just the Into the Diagram site). Or, if you are already registered with WordPress.com, you should be able to go straight to the central WordPress.com page, and login with you usual username and password.

* After joining, you should be able to login to WordPress.com. The “Into the Diagram” blog should appear in “My Blogs”.  You should be able to click on this and go through to the blog.

* If you haven’t received this invitation to join WordPress.com, let Andrew know.

What to Do Once you Arrive at the Site

Everyone has only got to do two things at first (ok, and a third … that is, read the readings before the workshop). After that, there’s a lot more you can do, and we hope you will, but it’s all optional.

1. Make a short post about yourself (or even a long post about yourself, if you prefer). Log in, go to <Dashboard> (top left of the screen). Click on <Posts> (not far under Dashboard). Choose <Add New>. Write your post (you can re-edit it later if you want, so don’t worry if you make mistakes etc). You can add in pictures etc if you like. And link to your other sites, etc. Make sure you add the “People” <Category> for this Post. You can do this easily on the right side of the screen (then your post will appear in the screen for “People”).Then you need to click on “Publish”, towards the right of the screen.

2. At some time in the next week or so, preferably by December 9, you should upload a diagram. This is in response to a specific task. The task is—

Diagram “a life” as you see fit. What is “a life”? Well it’s not really “your life”. It’s more the impersonal life, in and of itself, from which everything else emerges and into which it falls (the pre- and post-, and in fact also during “your life”). Of course, we are drawing the idea from Deleuze’s ‘Immanence: A Life’ (see the Readings page). But you don’t have to get the idea “right” before you move to do this. And there is no “right diagram”. Have fun! Think of it as “speculative pragmatics” (Massumi, 2011: 12-13). For those who want more on “a life”, you might go here, here, or here. Of course, there’s also the question “what is a diagram?”. Or, “what can a diagram do?”.

After this, there’s the Readings

You really will need to do some readings (not many at all) before the workshop). A lot depends on this. We’ll let you know what these are soon. They might vary from place to place a little (of course, “internationals” who are self-organizing will decide themselves, although it would be nice to have points of contact between different locations.

What Else is Going On/Can You Do?

We hope you will get involved with the site, and indeed generally with pre-workshop online and offline discussion and activities.

You can post to this blog—anything to do with the diagrammatic. Ideas, discussions of readings, diagrams, links, videos (best to link out to elsewhere for these), pics, etc. You can comment on other people’s posts, etc of course (in the spirit of collaborative relation!).

You can use other online sites/apps etc, to diagram your local world and its relations. Or you might diagram relations with other places. It’s all up to you. We might use apps/sites on the Apps/Sites page (go here for more info). Don’t forget to tag everything <gram2011> (without the brackets). You can of course post about anything you’ve put up elsewhere.

Well there will be tasks during the workshop. We’ll put these up later but the main ones will involved creating a diagram or two for an international diagram exchange, and then activating diagrams you’ll receive from elsewhere.

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