“However lonely in appearance, a color is in the company of its kin—all its potential variations. The spectrum is the invisible background against which ‘a’ color stands out. It is the ever-present virtual whole of each color apart” (Massumi, Semblance and Event: Activist Philosophy and the Occurrent Arts, 87).

Hello everyone. I am looking forward to participating in this workshop-event, as it moves across space-time zones. I am interested in how we will all assemble across the various locations (Denmark, Finland, Australia, and Canada) in order to actualize meta-diagrams – diagrams on diagramming the diagrammatic. I will be particularly interested in how the various groupings will find ways to overlap, interact, and link-up together. What will be the relations that arise as these diagrams on the diagram emerge? If they do indeed emerge? Will we all feel a diagrammatic incipiency? I am not-yet one of the enablers at the Sense Lab in Montreal, but I want to be reaching towards these incipient feelings of the diagrammatic to come.

I am always becoming-Troy-Rhoades. This is because I am constantly effected and affected by the incipiency of events that emerge with me and around me. “Into the Diagram” is just one such event that will be doing this. But this workshop is also enabling several other events to emerge again, diagramming differently, and re-affecting me in my continuous becoming. Through the Sense Lab, I have met and worked with many of the people who are participating in the various locations. I have collaborated with several of the participants in Denmark and Sydney through Sense Lab events that have taken place over the past five years. Some of the other participants of this workshop, I only emerge-with through Twitter, such as @Eventmechanics and @karppi. Finally, in Montreal, I work with Bianca Mancini, Erin Manning, Brian Massumi, Toni Pape, Leslie Plumb, Alanna Thain, and a whole host of others at the Sense Lab. The emergent events that are generated with them occur several times a day. Each of the events that has risen from these various interactions and collaborations continually affect my becoming and effect the incipient diagramming of this workshop.

Like colours, I can never be alone and isolated. I will always be becoming anew by those that surrounds me. Their vibrations will affect me, sometimes in way unbeknownst to me.

Below is a video of mine titled “flow” from 2005. This is a diagramming of colour and sound that emerges from the same seventeen seconds that have been layered thirty times. Each layer has be slightly altered, either slowed down, sped up, flipped, or reversed, generating a sonorous and visual flow that was always there.

flow (2005) from Troy Rhoades on Vimeo.

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