What is the Diagram Workshop?

Into the Diagram is a workshop/event exploring all kinds of dia/gramming, especially diagrams, maps, biograms, indeed many kinds of grams. We’re interested in the practice and philosophy of diagrams and related things. There will be parallel workshops primarily in Sydney and Aarhus, Denmark, but we hope also in other cities (for example, our friends at Senselab in Montréal), that we hope will have points of contact on December 13-14 (and 15-16 in Sydney). There’ll also be a lead in time with readings and activities, for a week or so before then.

We hope to use various sites and apps to diagrams the relations and potentials of our own cities and their idiosyncracies. At the same time, we want to diagram the relations between cities.

There will be public lectures in Sydney, by Erin Manning and Brian Massumi, as part of the workshop (which is, I’m afraid, not public, although we’ve included as many people as we can).

The workshop is being put together by Anna Munster (Sydney) and Andrew Murphie (Denmark, international) as an outcome of an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant around Dynamic Media. We are also thankful for the support of the National Institute for Experimental Arts, COFA, UNSW; Artspace Sydney (link includes descriptions of public lectures); the centre for Digital Urban Living and Informations- og Medievidenskab at Aarhus University; and Senselab in Montréal (and of course to Erin Manning and Brian Massumi with whom people in Sydney will be working, along with Pia Ednie-Brown and Jondi Keane).

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