Charlotte Farrell

hi all. I’m super excited about participating in this event! Wading through the thick, headiness of jetlag, I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to post. I just got back from Montreal after soaking up the magic that is the SenseLab. I’m a PhD candidate in theatre and performance studies at UNSW writing about the work of director Barrie Kosky (Andrew Murphie is my supervisor – hi Andrew!). i’m rethinking catharsis through affect in light of his performances (Kosky, not Andrew  – though that could be interesting… i hear he moonlighted as a director for a while and staged a production of hamletmachine). Thinking through diagrammatic praxis, I’m interested in how diagrams move in a theatre performance context. all this talk of affect and forces is making me think of the diagram in performance through an Artaudian prism…My minimal experience but maximum enthusiasm in approaching digrammatic discussions fuels a speculative intrigue!

While in Canada I went to Niagara Falls, and I would say the power of the falls in diagrammatic; discombobulating, enticing a ‘flexible segmentarity’, neither subject nor object. blurred ontology. ontogenetic mist.