Sarah Waterson

Greetings from a wet Sydney… A bit about myself- I am a new media practitioner and academic teaching into interactive design and convergent media programs at the University of Western Sydney. My practice revolves around data ecologies, and data mapping broadly. You can see some recent work at

Currently I am drowning in data from my recent project- Laika’s Dérive. I have some 27,000 photographs taken by dogs,  of which 1,956 were chosen by the sniff detection algorithm (the hotspots for dogs in the inner west of Sydney) and over 500,000 rows of accelerometer / geolocation data. Naturally I am interested in developing interfaces and filtering systems for presenting this at the moment. I see diagrams as the first step in identifying and specifying the relationships, prior to more generative data mapping and visualisation processes.

I look forward to the workshop, and meeting you all, cheers.

Diagram “a life” as you see fit. What is “a life”?

At the moment “life” seems to revolve around my desktop, so I thought it appropriate to include that as a way into diagramming life. The background image there is a tree diagram I produced in processing- I was planning on labelling each node for this task, but saw the labels were there already. The desktop as diagram definitely has possibilities to diagram our day, and extend to the month, and is relational to current work, both in a temporal sense and a task sense.  I think relational and temporal aspects are limited in diagrams. They are good at presenting a snapshot from which we can experience time, but data vis obviously expresses flows and relationships more elegantly.

My Desktop as diagram 10am, 6.12.2011