About hayacohen

Hi I am Haya and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in such an exciting workshop. I have recently graduated with PhD at the school of humanities Griffith university Gold Coast. I am an interdisciplinary arts practitioner . My recent work incorporated living growing textiles. I grew my cotton from a seed; harvested the cotton; extracted the seeds from the cotton; implanted barley seeds into the cotton fibre and rolled them on my body to create the yarns. I wove these yarns using my body as a loom.I was interested in materialising the spaces inbetween—my own body parts as my own nomadic spaces and the spaces between people. When watered the woven pieces grew and performed their lifecycle in the exhibition space.


Hi again. when I think about life immediately I need to add ing at the end to indicate the dynamic multiple senses that are life. For me lifing in a continual process of tying untying; crossing over and under; touching not touching; doing and undoing at the same time or not; being tangled entangled or untangled;tangling entangling and untangling; here and there;back and forth;circles or straight lines; dots or blocs; hard and soft and what are(sic) in between.

this is my diagram that changes and leads to another and another

haya cohen

Hi I am Haya and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in such an exciting workshop. I see my recent work as diagraming. I work with threads that I make my self and I am also using my body as a loom, no tools involved. Some of the woven pieces take the shape of the space between the limbs of my body that stayed in a position some times for several hours and sometime only for few minutes. There are occasions where I materialise the shape of the space between my limbs and those of another person, which together form the loom. The options of connecting are infinite. For me, these pieces are diagrams that when making them they become also choreographic thinking as Erin Manning explains Forsyth’s term – “activation in the moving, of a movement of thought”.These diagrams , when taken off the body/bodies, become another diagrams of the pastfuture. They are not restricted by the body anymore but have the body’s history traces in them at the same time these diagrams become suggestions.
I can’t wait to see you all at the workshop