Niamh Stephenson

Hi, I’m Niamh

And looking forward to thinking with you all on things diagrammatic. I’m doing two things at the moment that bring me to this. One is trying to understand how epidemiological models of fundamentally unpredictable trajectories of disease travel into the wider world – how do people (public health types) make decisions about how to intervene in disease trajectories when the modelling they are getting sketches a wide range of very tentative arcs? The other thing I’m working at the moment is the visualisation of pregnancy through ultrasound. Early critiques of ultrasound saw it as an extension of the clinical gaze and a way of rendering women’s bodies invisible. But coming it at from the more mundane perspective of what women experience means I’m trying to understand how the visual might be constituting modes of relationality. See you there (or elsewhere)

Best, Niamh