These photos are from one of the group diagramatizations of an echo. We came to this with several conflicts and halts in our process – but managed to produce an initial diagrammatic attempt:

The task is to:

1. take post it notes and extend the echo-diagram from the image above by placing post it notes that extend this relationship of forces.

2. Consider how this echo resonates outside of this diagram (and this photo, and your screen..) into your surroundings and create a new diagram or extend this one?


environment as expression of an echo – diagram for aarhus, turku and montreal from sydney

1.From the captured echo in the sponge, create a sponge phone.

2.Answer the sponge phone while transducing the texture of the sponge

2a – for example:

Here somone is scratching texture against the phone, so the listener feels the texture of the sponge’s absorbed echo.

3) Find your own way of transducing the diagram of an echo as it expresses environment