dear montreal, aarhus and turku…please find us: diagrammed

on the morning of the second day of the sydney workshop we watched the montreal diagram…entranced. We looked at the danish lunch plate, we laughed with the giraffes, we thought about network echoes and politics and we listened to the sound echo of a dinner conversation eaten during the day before. Someone said: ‘the lines of force in the montreal diagram are like the games of “elastics” kids play’. Someone else said: ‘we should dance an elastics diagram while listending to the sound echo file from aarhus’.

in the afternoon we talked about networked diagrammatics and textures. We organised into groups according to which diagram – there were many images on the walls in the room we had spent two days together – we liked. We transduced these images into movementscapes. We imaged snatches of these and laid them out against the sound echo file. Here is our collective diagrammatic response, an assemblage of a number of different groups all diagramming with elastics

….this is what a network can do, this is how a diagram, collectively enunciated across four cities, 3 or 4 days, and a multiplicity, can capture an echo, can be affected, can become an echo affect….