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Mike Hornblow is a New Zealand-born filmmaker, performance artist and cultural theorist living in Melbourne, Australia. Over the past twelve years Mike has written, directed, produced, designed, shot and/or edited short films, video installations, live events and DVDs – both independently and freelance for corporate, civic and community clients. He has also produced dance, theatre, live art and multimedia performance projects in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Mike has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, a Master of Arts in Media Production and has undertaken Doctoral Research at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory.

Mike Hornblow

fellow diagrams,

i’m looking forward to meeting you all.. some info on the current state of my diagrammatic ‘process without subject’ in how to ‘get A life’: … i’m focussed on diagramming affectivity in psychophysical performance practice, through project-based research involving performance art, dance, video installation… informed by architectural diagramming, and theories of affect and cognition.

This sketch is an attempt at diagramming a process i’m writing about at the moment.. where you become a sponge by absorbing the building you’re in.. into your body, and then move forward when sponge body and building reach a saturation limit of mutual absorption (where moving becomes an impulse of also feeling absorbed by the building). The idea is that its a kind of topological transformation, but its hard to avoid diagramming in Cartesian coordinates.. although maybe indeterminacy needs a halfway space between the strange and the familiar. What i’ve tried to do here is indicate a recursion and double openness between sites of attention inside and outside the body, and the zones of indeterminacy they generate. Anyone have any thoughts on imaging topological diagrams?