Diagrammer Friends

One of many nice things to happen so far is that we’ve been connecting up with others not involved with the workshop, but who are “Diagrammer Friends”. An interesting diagramming in itself.  Two of these are @naxos, from Spain, who fabulous blog Inmanencia seems one big web of diagrams in itself. Just then, Nicola Morton contacted us to link up to her diagramming of Capitalism including ‘an activity decoding and recoding a bicycle in the late capitalism machine‘—I haven’t had time to watch the videos as yet but they certainly look interesting. Nice to develop these “differential relations” with people in Spain and Indonesia.

And, thinking about these new connections after just finishing chapter three of Brian’s Semblance and Event for the workshop (I think for the third time), I’m realising how well it describes what’s happening in the workshop (well, ok it describes most things that happen pretty well actually). I’m thinking of lines, figures etc, of the swerve away from judgement and ideals (we hope, at least in part, at least their suspension for little durations). I’m also thinking of abstractions as the extracting of potentials and concrete as also always abstract in precisely this sense. Of the ongoing diagrammatic movements, non-relational relation/contrast between concrete and abstract. If you look at Naxos’ psychedelia or Nicola’s bicycle I hope you might see what I mean.